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English-French translations for cancer professionals

Are you looking for an English to French or French to English translator for your academic or pharma technical documents in oncology or cancer research? I deliver expert translations, relying on my years of in-depth experience as a cancer researcher and as a professional translator.

As a former cancer researcher, I specialize in translating complex content in my field of expertise, so you can rest assured your documents are in good hands.

  • Academia: scientific presentations, journal articles, reviews and book chapters, teaching, protocols, bench to bedside, and more

  • Pharma/Biotech: websites, clinical trials, medical surveys, IFUs, user manuals, marketing authorization files, and more

  • Healthcare: medical journal articles, molecular diagnostics, pathology reports, treatment protocols, patient education, etc.

  • B.S. in Zoology / Molecular Biology, Universit√© Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium.

  • Ph.D. in Cancer Biology, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA.

  • Author or co-author on >30 peer-reviewed scientific articles, review articles or book chapters (in English), principal investigator on institutional and US governmental grants (NIH).

  • Solid background in Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Immunology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Oncology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Tumor Biology, Toxicology.

  • ATA certified for translation from French to English and from English to French

  • English to French translation certificate program with the University of Toronto School of Continued Studies, 2010

I will be happy to send you a quote if you email me with the specifics of your request, preferably with a sample of the text. When requesting a quote, please specify the source and target languages, the subject area and type of text, the file format (doc, PDF etc), the intended audience and purpose of the document(s), the number of words or characters to translate and the desired deadline.

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