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Isabelle Rey Olesen was born and educated in France, home of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC), known internationally for its demanding standards in the field of simultaneous and conference interpretation. In line with AIIC’s tradition, she received rigorous academic training in French>English and English>French interpretation, as well as translation, eventually obtaining a Masters’ degree in that field. She also has a Master’s degree in French from an American university. She is a member of AIIC and an ATA-Credentialed Conference and Legal Interpreter. She is also Professionally Qualified to work in Federal Courts (highest level for French) and Court Certified in several States. She passed the US State Department Interpretation test at all levels and she is also an ATA-Certified Translator. Isabelle has been working as an interpreter on the US private market for over 20 years, serving clients such as the US State Department, the World Bank, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rotary International and numerous Fortune 100 companies.

Driven by her passion for her profession as well as for the ideals of multilingualism, diversity and global relations, Isabelle believes in giving back and is a committed volunteer in several professional associations, where she strives to improve both professionalization for interpreters and recognition of interpreters on the US market. She is currently a member of the AIIC-USA Regional Bureau and the ATA Interpreters Policy Advisory Committee. She was previously a member of the AIIC Task Force on Distance Interpreting, the ATA Remote Interpretation Position Paper Drafting Team and she chaired the AIIC-USA Contact Group on Distance Interpreting.

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