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Having graduated in Biology (esp. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) and worked for 15+ years as system analyst and IT Consultant in a large Corporation, I have gained a solid experience in the computer industry dealing with forefront technologies. At IBM and IBM Global Services., in Spain, I was responsible for End User Support, PC Server HW Lab and elaboration of consultative reports and customer presentations. I have been involved in many IT projects in Spain, EMEA and the US. I obtained professional certification in a number of application and system SW from different vendors (Microsoft, IBM,…) I am a skilled user of several Windows-based applications related to translation, and this has been an advantage for both translating technical documents and learning new applications. In the past years I have been focusing on the Life Sciences industry , which means extensive exposure to Biomedical Research Centers and Universities, Pharmaceutical and Biotech. companies. I also benefit from a multidisciplinary formation, which includes Biology but also IT and Bioinformatics skills plus a working knowledge of several Languages ( i.e. Spanish, German, and Japanese ) and makes me versatile in translating mixed texts in terms of style and subject. Presently, I am setting up as a full time technical freelancer . My preferred fields and combinations are biomedicine and IT from English into Spanish.

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Computers - Computer hardwareComputers - Computer systems analysisComputers - Software localizationLaw - Patents, trademarks, & copyrightsMedicine - GeneticsMedicine - ImmunologyMedicine - Instruments, medicalMedicine - PharmaceuticalsNatural Sciences - BiochemistryNatural Sciences - BiologyNatural Sciences - Microbiology, bacteriology, & virology

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16 - 20 Years

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