Jorge Sánchez Suárez


I am a professional English-Spanish-English certified translator and interpreter with more than 15 years of professional work experience in the USA, Canada and Mexico.
I am based in the City of Monterrey, State of Nuevo León, Mexico with an additional office in the City of Morelia, State of Mihcoacán, Mexico.

I specialize in English-Spanish-English legal-financial and academic translations. I also offer legal advice and representation in U.S. immigration Law.
My work is highly specialized. I know the differences between the U.S./U.K. common law systems and Mexico´s civil law system.
I do not only translate words, ideas, or concepts but also intentions, as we deal with legal acts that have profound consequences on individual´s rights and properties.

I know how to use the proper legal terminology, thus, avoiding the use of loan translations, false cognates and other translation mistakes that can change the true intention of an original document. My goal is to deliver high quality, well-written and easy to understand translations that will be accepted by officials in Mexico and abroad.

I completed the ESL (English as a Second Language) program at Georgia Gwinnett College and then I graduated from Phoenix High School in Lawrenceville, GA., USA. I also studied Social Science at the Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU) in Denver, CO., USA.

I hold a Bachelor of Laws from Universidad del Valle de México (UVM), Professional License No. 7902506.
I also hold a Diploma in Specialized Translation and Professional Interpretation from Universidad Intercontinental (UIC) and a Diploma in Legal Translation and Expert Services at Instituto Superior de Estudios en Traducción e Interpretación (ISETI).

Furthermore, I took specilized English-Spanish translation courses at Escuela Libre de Derecho (ELD), taught by Javier F. Becerra. Previously, I took legal English classes at Chelsea Legal English, S.C., a TOLES (Test of Legal English Skills) authorized program in Mexico.


I worked as a freelance Court Interpreter in Northern Colorado and I was a Paralegal for Arthur S. Nieto Law Firm in Denver Colorado, USA.
I worked for international companies such as RCI Mexico, Ark e -Tail Services providing financial and Insurance services for Canadian Tire and Amex Bank of Canada in Toronto and Markham, ON, Canada.

In mexico I was as an official Translator and Interpreter for the Secretariat of International Relations in the State Government of Chiapas and for the Secretariat of Tourism (SECTUR). I was legal Counsel for the Executive Commission for Victim Services (CEAV) Michoac√°n Delegation of the Government of the Republic of Mexico.

From 2015 to 2021 I headed CONSULMICH, S.C. in the City of Morelia, Michoac√°n, Mexico.


Actas de nacimiento, matrimonio, adopción, rectificación de actas, defunción, etc.)(Birth Certificate, Marriage License/Certificate, adoptions, amendments to civil documents, Death Certificates, etc.).

Sentencias de divorcio, custodia de menores, pensión alimenticia, pensión a excónyuge, etc. (Dissolution of Marriage Judgments, Physical and Legal Child Custody, Child Support Order, Alimony, etc.).

Escrituras públicas, poderes, actas destacadas fuera de protocolo; testamentos; declaraciones juradas, ratificación de firmas, escrituras traslativas de dominio con título de garantía, escrituras de cesión de derechos, etc. (Public Deeds, Power of Attorney, Notarial Certification not Recorded in the Notarial Registry, Last will and Testament; Affidavits and Attestations , Acknowledgments; Warranty Deeds; Quitclaim Deeds, etc.).

Apostillas, títulos profesionales, diplomas, certificado de estudios y/o historial académico; entre otros. (Apostilles, Degree Award Certificates, Diplomas, Academic Transcripts, etc.).

Contratos de alquiler, contrato de mutuo, estados de cuenta bancarios, etc. (Lease Agreements, Loan Agreements, Bank Statements, etc.)

Escrituras constitutivas, estatutos sociales, actas de asamblea de accionistas, actas de reunión del Consejo de Administración, títulos de crédito, etc. (Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Minutes of Shareholders' Meetings, Minutes of the Board of Directors Meetings, Negotiable Instruments, etc.).

Demandas, sentencias, recursos; autos judiciales; carta de no antecedentes penales; exhortos y/o cartas rogatorias, sentencias en el juicio de amparo (Complaints, Judgments, Appeals, Court Orders, Police Certificates, Letters Rogatory, Judgements in Amparo proceedings, etc.).

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