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You’ve already asked the big companies. I can do the same as them, but faster and at a much lower cost. You'll have one single, accountable individual, instead of an unidentifiable string of middlemen.

I’m certified by the American Translators Association in my language pair (English -> Spanish) and also hold a college degree in Translation. will translate your documents into Neutral Spanish, that can be understood all over the Spanish-speaking world.

Please inquire for details, references, and samples of my work.

Additional personal info:

I was born in Valparaiso, a town along the coast of Chile, in southwestern South America.

I became a full-time professional translator from English into Spanish in 1990, received a degree in Translation from the Universidad Arturo Prat in 2005, and was certified by the ATA for this pair also in 2005.

I believe that real, thriving culture is no longer found in opera houses, museums, or theaters, but is being created in the technological arena and now lives in our computers, phones, scanners, vehicles, and gadgets. Thus, I specialize in IT, Telecommunications, and Medicine, 3 areas that have fascinated me since forever.

Through the ATA, I hope to build a working relationship with my colleagues and clients that will extend through the years as we help each other expand and prosper in our businesses.

I'll be happy to reply to any and all inquiries. Also, you can request a test translation of your project at no cost. Ask me for a translation quote now!


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