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Hi! My name is Katja Gugelmeier.

I am a legal translator, lawyer, and founder of GUGELMEIER STUDIO. I assist solo attorneys and law firms in communicating accurately throughout retaining, advising, and representing Spanish-speaking clients.

After graduating from law school at the University of Montevideo, Uruguay, I swore before the Supreme Court of Justice that I would comply with the Constitution of my country and the rules of justice.

I take this oath very seriously and was drawn to legal translation as a way to help clients in need and access justice.

I practiced law in Uruguay with a focus on International Law and Arbitration. Since moving to the United States I have taken professional courses as a Paralegal and Legal Translator. I also worked as a legal assistant for a law firm specializing in Commercial, Contract, and Personal Injury Law.

Throughout my professional career, I have worked with English and Spanish speakers’ clients from common law and civil law legal systems. As a result, I have the unique ability to accurately translate complex legal terminology and phrases between languages and legal systems.

I am passionate about legal translation because being able to communicate accurately with your attorney and before a court is a fundamental right to ensure the values of justice and due process. That is what I strive for when providing my services.

Since 2019, I have helped provide pro bono translations to non-profit organizations that represent individuals in Immigration Court when applying for asylum and protection under the Convention against torture.

When providing legal translations, my goal is to serve as an intermediary between two parties that cannot communicate because they speak different languages and belong to countries with different legal systems.

Check my website to learn more about my services and get in touch!

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