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Lazar Translating & Interpreting is a unique, full-service language agency specializing in translating and interpreting in over 150 languages. With more almost 3 decades of professional experience, we offer a strong commitment to customer service, accuracy and reliability. We understand the unique demands of this endeavor and are poised to lend our expertise to provide written translation and oral interpreting services. Lazar Translating & Interpreting is committed to assisting public and private agencies in communicating and interacting with people of various cultures, backgrounds and languages. We put immense value in the cultural competency of our linguists and management staff to facilitate communication and increase understanding. Our staff is evaluated and trained in cultural awareness, educated in positive attitudes to increase cross cultural understanding, equipped with the knowledge to combine information with behavior and continually encouraged to refine communication skills in the real world. We understand that translation is not only about exchanging one word for another, but rather a part of the larger goal of ensuring that the lines of communication between individuals and agencies are always open, regardless of cultural or linguistic differences.

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