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More than 25 years of experience in Japan and USA as a freelance translator/ editor. Short-time consultant for the World Bank from 2005 to 2010, responsible for the translation of stories, features, project descriptions, brief issues, etc., for the World Bank's Spanish website. Responsible for the translation of all content of Youthink!, a World Bank website for youth that covers international development topics and encourages education and involvement.

Extensive experience in the translation of press releases for two large distributors of company news, as well as financial and legal documents for law firms and financial institutions. Worked for The Miami Herald, the leading newspaper in Miami, Florida, in the translation of stories and breaking news for their Spanish website.

Legal: Trusts, wills, certificates, by-laws, articles of incorporation, lease agreements, and contracts.

Member's manuals, brochures, letters to members, advertisement materials for major Health Care Providers.

Loan agreements, investor reports, annual reports, bank notes, credit letters, portfolio investment reports, financial investment trusts, application forms, brochures, and other documentation for major banks.

Electronics: Operation manuals, advertisements, product catalogs for video and audio components, cameras, musical instruments.

Company materials: Materials and slide presentations; training manual for marketing personnel; codes of business conduct, employee's manuals and 401(k) plans, company profiles, company brochures for Japanese companies.

Other projects: Dictionary of Legal Terms for Supreme Court of Japan; Building specifications for the Argentine Embassy in Tokyo; Information Material for the Sumo Tournament in Spain; Monthly Journal for the International Association of Ports & Harbors; Export Manual for the Export Institute (600 pages), a complete guide for exporters; Fastening System Design Manual (translation and editing with QuarkXpress); Firearms Manual (translation and typesetting with QuarkXpress), magazine for Canon retailers in Latin America, documentation for insurance companies, engineering and sanitation proposals and materials for projects financed by the Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund (OECF), Japan.

Translation of proposals/bids for major engineering projects in Latin America in the field of sanitation and water treatment.

I do not provide interpreting services.

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