Ludmila Annable


EXPERIENCE SUMMARY: 20 years working as simultaneous/consecutive interpreter/translator/language instructor in demanding work environments involving negotiations at high level government meetings as well as independent work with government and corporate officials for organizations such as the European Community TACIS Support Team, Gold Fields Mining Company and Minsk State Linguistic University (tenured faculty member in English at undergraduate and graduate levels). Over 8 years of experience in telephonic interpreting.

Provided language services (technical and legal translation, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, cross cultural training) at numerous international projects for the Departments of State, Defense, Energy, Commerce, Agriculture, US Treasury, US Senate, Library of Congress, USAID, NASA, DTRA, NTI, CRDF, FDA, CDC and AIHA as well as corporations such as Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Bechtel, PECO, PJM, Mittal Steel, Eli Lilly, Sandia National Laboratories, British Aerospace, Orbital, Motorola and universities – Temple University and Purdue University.

Industries of specialization include Science, Engineering, IT, Military, Nuclear Materials, Geology, Social Sciences, Psychology, Biology, Microbiology, Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, Space Exploration, Law/Jurisprudence, Business, Finance, Coal Mining, Oil and Steel Industries.


Court Interpreter 2007
Consortium Certification.
Registered/certified Court Interpreter in the states of PA, DE, NJ and U.S. District

Russian-English Interpreter 2005
Language Line University Certification.

Medical Interpreter 2004
National Certification Course - Bridging the Gap for Professional Medical

INS Interpreter 2002
U.S. Department of Justice, INS clearance to work as an INS contractor.


Minsk State Linguistic University, Minsk, Belarus 1991-1994
Post-Graduate Study for Ph.D. in methods of teaching foreign languages and English. Passed Ph.D. qualification exams with honors.

South Devon College of Arts & Technology, Torbay, England 1990.

Minsk State Linguistic University, Minsk, Belarus 1979-1985
Majors in teaching English and German. Graduated magna cum laude, equivalent to the granting of a Master's Degree.


Communication in Teaching Foreign Languages, Narodnaya Asveta (Byelorussian-language journal), issue number 9 dated 1992.

To the Problem of Modeling Language Personality, The Byelorussian Language Among European Languages (Russian-language book), published at Minsk State Linguistic University in 1994.

How to Survive as an American Guest at a Russian Dinner Party, SlavFile (Slavic Languages Division American Translators Association), spring 2001,Vol.11, No.2; GothamTranslator (New York), April-May 2001,Vol. XVI, Numbers 8-9 (English-language publications).


Delaware Valley Translators Association 2005-current.

American Translators Association 2000-current.

References available on request.

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