Manyee Tang


Lots of experience in software localization and quality assurance, Asian desktop publishing with InDesign, and file conversions (e.g. Asian text to EPS); special interests and translation/interpreting experience in architecture, e.g., Yin Yu Tang at the Peabody-Essex Museum (; Certificate in Editing from the University of Chicago and Certificate in Pharmaceutical from the American Medical Writers Association.

Native speaker of both MANDARIN and CANTONESE and Certified Medical Interpreter in both. Have received formal training at the Inlingua School of Interpretation (120 hours in consecutive interpreting ), the Center for Interpretation and Translation Studies, University of Hawaii (6-week Intensive Training in Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting), Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation (48 hours in medical interpreting), and Cross Cultural Communications in Maryland (3-day intensive training in interpreting for legal services--an Ayuda program .)

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- Chinese
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Alchemy CatalystPassoloSDLSDLXTRADOS

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Computers - Software localizationEngineering - Chemical engineeringMedicine - Anatomy & physiologyMedicine - GeneticsMedicine - Health careMedicine - ImmunologyMedicine - Instruments, medicalMedicine - NutritionMedicine - PharmaceuticalsMedicine - ToxicologyNatural Sciences - BiochemistryNatural Sciences - Microbiology, bacteriology, & virologyPure Sciences - ChemistryPure Sciences - Mathematics & statistics

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20+ Years

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