Mei Yu Liu


I have ever been a Purchasing Manager for US-Based Company, working in Taiwan, responsible for coordiation with China suppliers/factories about the orders and went through entire trading process from Quotation to Shipment and Payment, including SGS inspection. This process lasted for 5 years, thus, I had a knowledge and experiences working with foreign companies. While entering Translation as the starting point in my career, it was 2008 and I was 38 years old, as how the previous experiences in the international trade, I applied to the translation world, too.
The translation work went through PC to cloud since 2016, where the cloud means that I performed assignments on the website designated by the client, including translation, edition or proofreading and delivery therefrom, too. Having been guided by global clients, I have knowledge and experiences collected from Smartcat, Wordbee, Memsource, Startling, crossWeb...etc. and such base keeps scaling out.
Tool diversification is the part of my career, field of source texts where they were involved is another part. Business contract from English to Taiwanese Mandarin Traditional Chinese was the starting field, then, laws and regulation, marketing for a family of product, even the brand, poem, tendering/bidding for governments across countries/regions in this world, lab tests, heritages, banking documents, insurance policy, organizations' processes for certification of ISO series, MSDS sheets, essays, dissertations, periodicals, press release, hand-written texts, pharmacy prescriptives....and so on.
I am 50 years old now, and my goal is to contribute my skills/knowledge of translation to this world where I was born and live up to; this goal never ends in my life.

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= ATA Certified

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AcrossGeoWorkz Translation WorkspaceHeartsomeMemoQMemSourcePassoloSDL StudioSmartCATText UnitedTRADOSWordbeeWordFastXTM

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Business - Accounting & auditingBusiness - Advertising & public relationsBusiness - BankingBusiness - Economics & financeBusiness - InsuranceBusiness - MarketingBusiness - Real estateBusiness - Travel & tourismComputers - Computer hardwareComputers - Computer systems analysisComputers - Software localizationEngineering - Electrical engineeringEngineering - Mechanical engineeringEntertainment - Video gameIndustry & Technology - Building & constructionIndustry & Technology - CosmeticsIndustry & Technology - ElectronicsIndustry & Technology - EnergyLaw - Banking & financial lawLaw - ContractsLaw - Corporate lawMedicine - Health careMedicine - Instruments, medical




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