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Being a court-appointed translator takes YEARS. And it means my translations will NEVER be rejected by any consulate/embassy/prefecture.

I can help Italian dual citizenship professionals with speedy translations, managing pick up of documents and delivery, while offering advice on the bureaucratic process (and calling the required offices, if needed). Sworn and certified. Hassle-free.

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„Over six months after submitting his paperwork for Italian citizenship, with translations of all required documents certified by a translator in the United States, my husband learned that the translations we had could not be accepted because they were not done by a certified Italian translator in Italy. We were both dismayed as visa deadlines which would force me to leave Italy were fast approaching.
That’s when we found Natalia Bertelli. She responded to our first call, understood our situation immediately, and volunteered to work directly with the local official responsible for processing the paperwork to ensure that there would be no further issues. Within two days, she had reviewed the translations of all eleven documents, found a few errors that our US translation service had missed, certified the documents, and had them back in the hands of the comune official. Before the week was out, my husband got his official Italian citizenship“. (Linda, USA)

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CERTIFIED TRANSLATOR> I have 12+ year’s experience as a certified English and Spanish to Italian translator, working in the legal, marketing, business and finance sectors.

I also provide certified translation services for visas, immigration applications, dual citizenship, studies/work abroad, marriage and other cross-border purposes.

Professional linguist and official translator specializing in law/finance, marketing, tourism, food & official/certified/sworn translations since 2010.

With a first-level degree in Translation, a Joint Master’s Degree in Anglo-American English, and being a court-appointed translator with 12+ years of full-time documented work experience in the translation field, I provide legally certified/sworn translations in Italy and abroad.
I help SMEs and entrepreneurs to reach Italian markets and expand their services abroad.

I translate marketing, business texts, websites, legal documents from English and Spanish to Italian.

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