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    Education & Qualifications

  • MS in Translation (New York University)
  • BA in English, Spanish minor (San Diego State University)
  • ATA-Certified Danish to English Translator
  • ATA-Certified Spanish to English Translator
  • Federally-Certified Court Interpreter (Spanish/English), United States Courts

    Areas of Expertise

    • Legal translation: Need your documents legally translated? I have extensive experience translating contracts, court documents, POAs, notarial instruments, vital records, GDPR-related documents, discovery for criminal cases, etc. Click here for a free quote or send me an email.

    • Certified translation: Do you need an official translation or a notarized translation? I offer certified translation, which includes a certificate of accuracy and (when needed) notarization. Click here for a free quote or send me an email.

    • Business & accounting: I have translated a variety of business documents over the years, including company registration documents, articles of incorporation, business correspondence, annual reports and financial statements, etc.
      Click here for a free quote or send me an email.

    • Medical translation: Translation of clinical trial documentation, including discharge summaries, lab reports, EKGs, clinical summaries, and other medical records. Click here for a free quote or send me an email.

    • Academic transcript translation: Certified translation of diplomas and university transcripts and other academic records, including direct shipping to admissions offices or medical boards when required. Click here for a free quote or send me an email.

    • Federally-Certified Court Interpreter (Spanish/English): I am certified by the United States Courts. I interpret orally between Spanish and English at in-court federal criminal proceedings, interviews between attorneys and clients, and in other settings.
      Click here to request interpreting services.

    • Conference interpreter (Danish to/from English, Spanish to/from English): I interpret in conference settings covering a variety of topics, including law, religious freedom, and other subject matters. Past assignments have included the European Union, corporate online events, the 2020 G20 Interfaith Forum, the BYU Religious Freedom Review, and the BYU Law and Religion Symposium. In addition to on-site interpreting, I also offer remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) and other forms of video remote interpreting (VRI) via Zoom, KUDO, and other platforms.
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    About Me

    I was raised in a Danish-American household, and I am a native speaker of English (US) and Danish with extensive knowledge of Norwegian and Swedish and native-level fluency in Spanish, a language I speak on a daily basis.

    I have been translating freelance since 2002 (full time since 2008). In addition, I have been serving in federal court several times weekly as a court interpreter since 2010.

    I specialize in legal translation, as well as the translation of business documents and translations for clinical trials. My certified translations are consistently accepted by USCIS (U.S. immigration), the courts, driver's license offices (DMV), admissions offices at colleges and universities, and medical boards. I have also provided legal translations that were used in court for criminal as well as civil cases.

    About WTS Translations, LLC

    In addition to being a freelance translator, I am also the CEO of WTS Translations, LLC, a translation company based in Utah in the United States. We specialize in legal, commercial, financial, and medical translation in a variety of language combinations. Visit to learn more.

    For additional information or to order a translation, send me an email or visit my company website at or my freelance translator page at

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