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NEWS: Effective 10-1-13- Relocated to Sarasota, just 45 minutes south of Riverview.
I was born in Cuba and have been in the US since the age of five. My first language was Spanish and I was intensively educated by my parents in my native language, but I have accent-free, native fluency in the English language as well since my entire lifetime of education took place in the US. My resulting bilingualism prepared me for the line of work I believe I was born to do. I have been interpreting (and translating) professionally since I was a junior in college and have done so continuously for over 30 years now.
I began as a staff interpreter for the Weld County Courts in Greeley, Colorado while attending the University of Northern Colorado; worked full-time as an over-the-phone interpreter for many years and have also freelanced for most of my career.
I earned my degree in Spanish and Music in 1988 from the U of N. Colorado and am Consortium of State Courts Certified as a Spanish Interpreter in Colorado and Florida and invest regularly in quality continuing education. (I also studied French for years from high school through college and translate documents from French into English only, as well.)
I pride myself on utmost professionalism and total reliability as a full-time freelance interpreter and translator, and I have a well-earned reputation for going the extra mile in fulfilling assignments. I look forward to working with you!
P.S.- Please, also, keep me in mind for bilingual transcription (Spanish English) work when you want the very best!

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