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I'm an English-Spanish translator based in San Francisco, California. I have been a full-time professional translator for over 25 years.

I am a native Spanish speaker and hold a BS in Aerospace Engineering from NCSU. I have resided for over 25 years in the United States (US citizen). I have experience in several fields and gained profound insight into the translation industry while working to develop US Patent 7398198, related to translation web searches, which I was co-awarded in 2008.

This insight, coupled with my extensive translation experience, long periods of residence in several Latin American countries and in Spain and a two-year in-house position as a full-time translator at a large American corporation, allows me to fine-tune my translations taking into account the vocabulary and style subtleties of the target audience.

In 2008 I translated the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (former INS) website into Spanish.

I guarantee high-quality work delivered on time and timely responses to your inquiries; my client e-mail messages prompt an alert on my mobile phone, so you can be sure it won't be long before I respond to your inquiries.



•Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (discharge instructions, 350K words)
•Pfizer (drug monographs, close to 2.2 million words since 2003)
•Pulmonetic Systems (ventilator specifications)
•GlaxoSmithKline (information and consent forms, clinical-trial protocols)
•Mt. Sinai Medical Center (consent forms)
•Beckman Coulter (analytical laboratory instrumentation: user manuals and software strings)
•CochlearTM (implant specifications, marketing material)
•Horizon Medical Center (healthcare documentation)
•Dade-Behring (rapid gram negative id type 4 procedural and qc manual)
•American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (drug monographs)
•Paper on treatment of opioid-dependent outpatients receiving methadone
•Zimmer (VerSys® Hip System study abstract)
•BCI (oximetry data management program – specifications)
•Dentsply (dental curing unit specifications)
•Paper on temporomandibular joint dysfunction
•BD (prepared media product portfolios)

•US Army (Flight Training Manuals – 300K words)
•Northrop Grumman (radar brochures, statements of work, air traffic control white papers, PTT presentation for Spanish Air Force – 300K words)
•Gulfstream (airplane specifications, 9 years of flight logs for Gulfstream II)
•Bombardier Motor (installation booklet)
•GE (glossary about turbines)
•Boeing (web content)
•Dassault Falcon (airplane specifications)
•AeroCentury Corp. (legal review)
•Bechtel Corporation, San Francisco (oil and gas bid specifications, various management and commercial documents – over one million words)
•HUD (construction manuals – 100K words)
•Translated the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (former INS) web site into Spanish ( – 300K words)
•DOJ (proceedings for the Superior Court for the District of Columbia)
•Mecklenburg County (Sheriff Dpt. files)
•Northern Telecom (telephone manuals)
•Compaq (hardware documentation, web content)
•Ciena (optical network specifications, user and maintenance manuals)
•Moody’s Risk Management Services (finance course for Mexico – 200K words)
•Corning (management guidelines)
•Shaklee corporation (marketing and advertising material – 300K words)
•State of Florida (construction certification exams)
•Global Intermodal Systems (informational newsletters)
•Le Tourneau (mining equipment brochures)
•Nordberg (mining equipment manuals for Chile)
•Vermeer (tractor operator and maintenance manuals – over 400K words)
•John Deere (tractor maintenance manuals, web content)
•European Committee for interoperable systems (abstracts of standards)
•Pemex (fuel gas training manuals)
•Intel (server board specifications)
•EPR (statements of work about power transmission lines for Costa Rica)
•Chevron (marketer agreements)
•Duke Energy (code of ethics for Argentina)
•Ericsson (wireless specifications for Colombia)
•Pelco (CCTV camera specifications)
•Shure (audio processor installation and software guides)
•Thiel Audio (web content)
•Wells Fargo (brokerage agreements)
•Owens Corning (installation instructions)
•Maag Pump Systems (maintenance manuals and technical specifications)
•Badger Meter Inc. (automotive sensor equipment manuals)
•Craftsman (drill-driver manual)
•H&R Block (tax presentation)
•Archer Daniels Midland Co. (product specifications)
•Chrysler Corporation (web content)
•American General Life (marketing brochures)

Let me know if I can provide you with any additional information.

Best regards,
Pablo Acevedo

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