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** My Assets **
In 1996, 15 years ago, I finished my 6th year of employment at a large Korean company. The large company was Korea Power Engineering Co., Inc. (KOPEC), which is one of major subsidiaries of the Korea Electric Corporation (KEPCO), the sole super-large electric utility company in Korea. Working in the Overseas Development Department, my duties involved researching overseas markets and preparing bidding proposals for international projects, and at that time, in 1996, I was engaged in negotiating and concluding international contracts for the Overseas Contract Team. ** This work required me to thoroughly study international contracts made in English.
** My 8-year career at this company gave me the foundation I needed to begin a new career as a professional translator. By chance, I received a job offer from one of the largest translation companies in Korea, and this was the start of my work in the translation field. In 2001, I began to work as a translator on a full-time basis. **
I majored in law at Yonsei University, one of Korea’s most prestigious universities. Like any other ambitious law school student at that time, I prepared for the Korean Bar Exam. While today Korea’s system of legal education is quite similar to the US system, at that time the Korean Bar Exam was a portal to one of the highest elite courses. As such, while many students would do nothing for more than 5 years but prepare for this exam, very few actually passed the exam, which was only held once a year. I believe the passage rate at the time was less than 5%. ** Although I failed to pass the exam, I am glad to have had the opportunity to study Korean law in depth, as well as other subjects (economics, English, law philosophy, world history), and the knowledge that I accumulated as a result is very helpful in my translation work.
Experience in Translations
***Legal ***
Immediately when I started my full time translation work in 2001, I had precious opportunities. One of the five largest Korean law firms assigned a large amount of their lawsuit-related translations to me. I translated a tremendous amount of legal materials for their litigation work. Thanks to my successful translation work in this area, I maintained the law firm as a client, and eventually acquired the largest insurance company in Korea as a client thanks to a referral by the law firm.
*** Medical ***
I have experience in translating a lot of clinical trial related materials through dedicated medical translation agencies. Through this experience I have become familiar with medical terms, and retain rich glossaries.
In addition, I was contracted by a pharmaceutical company to translate medical papers, mostly related to the treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, hepatitis, and infantilism.
*** Manuals ***
The manuals I have translated include manuals for medical equipment, golf carts, dental equipment, computer systems, software, and more. My bottom line in my manual translation work is to translate as accurately as possible, by searching and referring to many resources.
*** IT ***
I have translated many programs necessary to operate a website, as well as website contents. App translations are also on my updated list.
*** Corporate Documents ***
I have translated so many corporate documents (e.g., company policies) for multi-national companies. Those include sustainability policies, codes of conduct, codes of business conduct, and policies related to foreign anti-corruption laws.
*** Patent ***
I have experience in translating patent application documents (includes PCT application) as well as patent-related litigation materials.
*** Contracts ***
I have translated numerous contracts, including Confidentiality Agreements, NDA, Stocks, Distributorship Agreements, Software License Agreements, Clinical Trial Agreements, Sales Contracts, Employment Contracts, Purchase Agreements, Towage Agreements, Representation Agreements, MOU, etc.
*** Finance/Accounting ***
Company Balance Sheets
Participated in Korea Exchange Bank Restructuring program
I have been a member of the Korean Society of Translators (KST) for 9 years. In 2003, I took the accreditation test and passed it at the highest level, which earned me a regular membership in KST. For your reference, KST is the sole Korean translators‚Äô association representing South Korea in the FIT (International Federation of Translators), and selects only a few translators as regular members from the more than 1,000 applicants each year. From 2004 to 2009, I also worked for KST as managing proctor who manages the accreditation tests in Busan. This year 2012, I contributed an article titled "라이센스인가 라이선스인가?" to KST Chronicle "Translators 번역가" (No. 35, February 2012), which deals with loanword orthography.

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