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I am a freelance translator and interpreter specializing in life sciences (medicine, biology and biochemistry), pharmaceutical, patent, and legal translation. I specialize in the following life science topics: clinical trials, neuroscience/neurology, immunology/autoimmune diseases (specifically in Multiple Sclerosis), oncology, dentistry, ophthalmology, gene therapy, stem cell/bone marrow transplantation, pathology, molecular biology/genetics, cell biology and botany. My legal specializations includes contracts, health law and personal documents. I also perform translations in education and training as well as travel, tourism and hospitality (completed a course "Certificate in Receptive Services").

I take on translations, editing or revising of documents, and interpreting assignments, as well as abstracting, summarizing, document review and medical, scientific, and legal literature research and terminology management. In addition I teach German and special topics in the biomedical field, and prepare students for German tests at the ILR level (USA) or CEFR scale (Europe).

I completed a Certificate in "German to English Translation" at the New York University, School of Continuing and Professional Studies taking courses in medical, legal, patent and financial translation, CAT tool and project management. My training in interpreting included the Certificate "Medical Interpreter Training" (40 h) at Interpreter With a Purpose, Washington DC, the Certificate "The Community Interpreter" (40 h), a simultaneous interpretation training and the course "Language of Justices" at Cross Cultural Communication, Columbia, MD, and the Certificate "Introduction to Interpretation" at Georgetown University. I also received a Certificate for "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)" at the International Language Institute in Washington DC.
During my education in Germany I completed a "Dr. rer. nat." (Ph.D. equivalent) in biology/neuroimmunology as well as a "Diplom" (MS equivalent) in biology (major: zoology/botany, minor: biochemistry) at the University of Munich, Germany. I also trained as a "Medical Laboratory and Office Assistant" at the Buchholzschule, Freiburg, Germany and received a State Certification for Medical Assistants from Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Having worked for more than 15 years in biomedical research in Germany and the U.S, I am familiar with procedures and processes in both cultures. During my work as a medical assistant in a physician's office and a medical laboratory in Germany, where I wrote medical reports, filed patient records and performed medical laboratory tests, I became familiar with medical terminology and medical procedures.

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