Valerie Le Deroff


I am a lawyer-linguist and specialize in the following areas: law, corporate communications, international cooperation, public health and governance policies. My clients are direct clients, the U.S. State Department and NGOs.

Legal background: Master 1 in French business law and Diploma in European law. Translation background: Certificate in Translation from New York University. I specialize in legal translation drawing upon my strong legal background and make sure I find French legal equivalents to U.S. concepts, whenever possible.

I have been living and working for 20 years in the U.S., working in international companies, translating business materials from English to French, writing market studies and marketing articles in French. Recent projects include contracts, international health documents for NGOs, international governance (counterterrorism) law (intellectual property documents and legal briefs for international corporate lawsuits, court witness statements, patent litigation from OHIM and European Court of Justice), corporate governance.

Excellent research and terminology building skills, great attention to details and meet all deadlines.

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