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Listen in and learn more about the people on this year's ballot! In the mini-podcasts below, each candidate answers three questions about the future of the Association and their role in it.

The ATA Podcast Host Matt Baird

President-elect (two-year term): Ted Wozniak

Secretary (two-year term): Karen Tkaczyk

Treasurer (two-year term): John Milan

Director (three-year term): Jennifer Guernsey

Director (three-year term): Tony Guerra

Director (three-year term): Geoff Koby

Director (three-year term): Elena Langdon

Director (three-year term): Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo

Director (three-year term): Kyle Vraa

Show Notes

Want to know more? Read the formal candidate statements, find out the jobs these candidates will face, and finally check out the Board meeting minutes to see the accomplishments of so many previous ATA Officers and Directors. Credits: Music tracks by