International Translation Day 2019

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International Translation Day 2019

International Translation Day 2019

Telling Your Story!

What do translators and interpreters really do? What's a day like for a translator or interpreter? Why are translators and interpreters important to business, medicine, law, and more?

ATA invites translators and interpreters around the world to help us tell their story. Here's how!

  • Check out ATA's short animated video A Day in the Life showing how translators and interpreters' work makes things happen.

  • Listen in to ATA's International Translation Day 2019 podcast as Host Matt Baird interviews ATA member Judy Jenner about the role translators and interpreters play in the global community.

  • Then like, comment, retweet, follow, repin, tag, save, and share, share, share!

  • And why not add your own "day in the life" story to your favorite social media channel. Just tag it #InternationalTranslationDay and #ataitd2019!

A Day in the Life of a Translator or Interpreter - ATA International Translation Day 2019

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Happy International Translation Day!