Get to Know Translators and Interpreters

The importance of professional translation and interpreting is often not understood by the general public. ATA explains why it is critical to hire qualified translators and interpreters.

The Importance of Diversity

ATA strives to represent and elevate people from all over the world, by working to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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How Your Smartphone was Made

See how translators, interpreters, localizers, transcreation experts, proofreaders, editors, and more helped turn a concept into the cell phone you’re likely holding in your hand.

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A Day in the Life of Translators and Interpreters

ATA invites you to see how translators and interpreters work in this short animated video! Please share on your personal and professional social media networks and add your own story to the posts.

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5 Reasons to Join ATA

Listen to current ATA members tell you how ATA can help you:
1. CONNECT to clients,
2. LEARN new skills,
3. GROW your potential,
4. ADVANCE your career, and
5. SAVE while doing it all!

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ATA Annual Conference

Attracting translators, interpreters, and company owners from over 50 countries, the ATA Annual Conference offers four days of nonstop learning and networking.

ATA 64th Annual Conference: Get Ready!

No matter what your language, specialty, or experience level, you’ll discover ways to enhance your skills and grow your business. Get a glimpse of ATA64 in Miami, October 25-28, 2023.

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ATA School Outreach

Your students are thinking about their futures. Give them the opportunity to hear about this exciting career from a local professional.

School Outreach 2022 Contest Winner

ATA member Aída Carrazco, an English to Spanish translator based in Mexico, won the 2022 ATA School Outreach Contest. See photos and videos from her presentation.

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School Outreach for a Virtual Classroom

You are invited to a virtual presentation on careers in translation and interpreting. Students, teachers, and parents of all ages, languages, and levels are welcome!

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Benefits of School Outreach

ATA’s School Outreach Program encourages professional translators and interpreters to visit classrooms and share their passion for language with students.

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ATA Mentoring Program

Offering matching services to members at different stages in their career, mentees and mentors benefit from this mutually rewarding program.

The ATA Mentoring Experience

Listen to mentors describe their experience taking part in ATA’s Mentoring Program. Mentors volunteer to help mentees but, in return, they gain new perspectives and appreciation for their translation and interpreting careers.

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Shohei Ohtani’s Japanese interpreter under the microscope

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Translation Associations Address use of Automated Translation Printers in Public Schools

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The American Translators Association (ATA), together with the American Association of Translators and Interpreters in Education (AAITE) and the National Association of Educational Translators and Interpreters of Spoken Languages (NAETISL),…

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