Client Outreach Kit: Slide Presentations

ATA provides two sets of slides, tailored to translators and interpreters.

To use this kit effectively, you may have to rework your standard marketing tools. For example, if your résumé is designed primarily for working with agencies, it probably contains information about your CAT tools, daily capacity, education, and references from other agencies. Most of this information will be of no interest to direct clients.

Direct clients are focused on selling their products and services successfully, and they want to know how you can help them do that. To adapt your marketing materials for direct clients, you’ll need to focus on what you can do for your clients and how you can provide solutions. This keeps your message informative and highlights your own expertise.

You’ll find detailed, step-by-step suggestions for using the kit effectively in the Skills Modules below.

Skills Modules

These practical mini-tutorials are designed to help you make the most of the Client Outreach Kit slide presentations to get the best possible return on your time and effort.

You’ll find suggestions for finding an audience, preparing your presentation, and how to follow up.

Share your experience!

The Client Outreach Kit was developed by a team of volunteers and is a work in progress. Your feedback—questions, challenges, new ideas, success stories—is welcome and will help us improve and update the materials. It will also help your colleagues fine-tune their own outreach efforts.