Certification Program Mission

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Certification Program Mission

The mission of the ATA's Certification Committee is to implement an examination program to evaluate the competence of translators according to guidelines that reflect current professional practice.
To accomplish that mission, the Certification Committee is to undertake the following tasks:

  • To train and maintain working groups that perform the following functions:
    1. Prepare and evaluate examinations consisting of texts to be translated from a certain foreign language into English or from English into a certain foreign language.
    2. Prepare and evaluate practice tests.
    3. Conduct reviews of examinations.
  • To assist ATA members working in languages or language combinations for which ATA certification is not currently available to establish certification in accordance with the Procedure for Establishing a New Language Combination through a liaison.
  • To provide assistance and appoint the chair of an ad hoc appeal panel when a candidate requests an appeal.
  • To standardize passage selection and grading practices.
  • To produce and maintain a comprehensive manual of policies and procedures for the Certification Program.
  • To disseminate accurate information about the Certification Program both within and outside ATA.
  • To develop relations with sister associations in other countries for the purpose of cooperating with them on certification matters, aligning certification policies, and/or streamlining practices.
  • To review Certification Program policies and procedures and to implement changes as necessary.


Adopted 2009