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ATA Computerized Certification Exam

Computerized Certification Exam

ATA is now offering a computerized option for taking the certification exam at select sittings. While this is a computerized exam, it is not an online exam. It is an in-person, proctored exam.

New Computerized Exam Option

At computerized sittings, candidates have the option of completing the exam on their own laptops.


  • may use most resources stored on their laptops, including dictionaries and glossaries.
  • may use non-interactive Internet resources, such as online dictionaries and other reference materials.
  • may not use CAT tools or translation memories.
  • may not use email, chat rooms, forums, or MT tools, such as Google Translate.
  • may not use more than one screen at a sitting. Candidates are allowed one screen only.

This is to ensure that the work is the translator's own and that the carefully vetted exam passages are not shared.

What resources are allowed?

For a list of approved and banned sites, please click here.

How Does the Computerized Exam Work?

Candidates input their translations using WordPad (or TextEdit for Mac) onto an ATA-supplied USB drive, with grammar and spell check utilities disabled.

Signed Statement Required

Candidates who opt for the computerized format must sign a statement acknowledging that certain activities are prohibited during the sitting (e.g., use of email and chat, copying the exam passages) and the consequences of noncompliance.

Candidates who violate the rules applicable to computerized sittings are likely to face restrictions on future certification eligibility and could face ATA ethics violation proceedings.

Information about the statement candidates will sign and consequences of violations is available from the ATA Certification Program Manager.

For a description of the exam format, see the certification exam overview.

Handwritten Exam Available

At all sittings, candidates can opt to handwrite their exam, as has been done in the past, and handwritten mode will in any event be available as a backup in case of equipment malfunctions.

All candidates may continue to bring and use any print resources they wish.

Exam Schedule

Sittings continue to be scheduled primarily through ATA Chapters and Affiliates as well as other local groups.

Groups and individuals interested in hosting a sitting should contact ATA Certification Program Manager to inquire about the physical and technical requirements needed to host a computerized sitting.