You must be a current member of ATA to request to appeal your exam review.

Requests to appeal must be submitted within three months of receipt of the exam review. After that date, an appeal will no longer be possible.

Please read the following ATA Review Policy carefully before signing the form below.

I am currently a member of ATA and hereby request a review of the Certification Examination which was taken by me at the place and on the date indicated. I enclose payment which I understand will be refunded if my grade is changed from "fail" to "pass" as a result of this review. If the grade of "fail" is upheld, I understand that I will receive a copy of my translations, marked to show how my work failed to meet the ATA Certification Committee's standards. I realize that errors marked on my translation will not necessarily be all of the errors found by the graders.

I have read the ATA Review Policy and by requesting this review, I agree to abide by the policy. I also understand that the only way to contest this review decision is to follow the directions for a review appeal.


Request to Appeal Exam Review Form
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Exam Review Fee is $200 per passage.

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Print and return completed form by mail to ATA, 211 N. Union Street, suite 100, Alexandria, VA 22314 or by fax to +1-703-778-7222.

Revised April 2008