MultiTraiNMT: Neural Machine Translation for Everyone

By The ATA Chronicle | September 19, 2022

Neural machine translation (NMT) is on everyone’s mind. Its quality has become stunning, if not frightening, and it continues to improve even as we…

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Bonanza! Striking Translation Gold by Mining Parallel Texts

By The ATA Chronicle | July 30, 2022

Let me start with a confession: I barely passed translation theory in college. I scraped by with a C after several nights in a…

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Which iPad Is Best for Interpreting?

By The ATA Chronicle | May 17, 2022

In this column, I’ll answer a question I encounter at least once a month: “Which tablet is best for interpreting?” After sharing why I’m…

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Enhanced Productivity with Text Expansion

By The ATA Chronicle | March 22, 2022

Note: The following was originally published in Deep Focus, the newsletter of ATA’s Audiovisual Division: I haven’t typed my full name or email…

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By The ATA Chronicle | November 21, 2021

In the January/February 2021 issue I wrote about the surprising quality and ease-of-use of the OPUS-MT and OPUS-CAT products.1 When I interviewed developer Tommi…

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