Andy Benzo

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Giovanna Lester
Romina Marazzato Sparano
Danielle Sebesta


A Division of the Association consists of members who share a common interest in a specific aspect of the profession. It serves as a means of communication between its members and the Board of Directors, provides information and services to its members in their own specific field of interest, organizes meetings to further cooperation and information exchange among them, and supports and promotes the policies and objectives of the Association. The Divisions Committee was established to represent the interests of ATA Divisions to the Board of Directors, to assist groups in establishing new ATA Divisions, and to facilitate communication between division leaders.

The Committee is asked to do the following:

  • inform and advise Divisions of Association policies, procedures, and services;
  • identify needs of ATA Divisions and make recommendations to Headquarters and/or the Board of Directors based on these needs;
  • facilitate networking and communication among Division leaders to maximize the exchange of resources and best practices;
  • organize and conduct a training meeting for new Division leaders during the ATA Annual Conference;
  • organize and conduct a meeting of all Division leaders during the ATA Annual Conference; and
  • encourage and guide special interest groups in establishing new ATA Divisions.