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A Chapter of ATA serves as a forum for translators and interpreters in a specific geographic area. It organizes meetings to further cooperation and information exchange among its members, provides information and services needed on the local level, serves as a means of communication between the national Association and local members, and supports and promotes the policies and objectives of ATA. The Chapters Committee was established to represent the interests of ATA Chapters and other regional groups at the national level, to assist groups in becoming new ATA Chapters or Affiliates, and to facilitate communication between regional group leaders.

The Committee is asked to do the following:

  • inform and advise regional groups about ATA policies, procedures, and services;
  • identify needs of ATA Chapters and Affiliates and make recommendations to ATA and/or the Board of Directors based on these needs;
  • facilitate networking and communication among Chapters and Affiliates to maximize the exchange of resources and best practices;
  • organize and conduct a meeting of group leaders during the ATA Annual Conference;
  • encourage and guide regional groups in petitioning for ATA Chapter or Affiliate status; and
  • provide input to ATA on the periodic updating of the Chapters Handbook.

For additional information on regional translation and interpreting groups, see ATA Chapters and Affiliates or email the ATA Chapter and Division Relations Manager.