Gabriela Siebach

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Natalia Abarca
Heidi Cazes
Helen Eby
Cristina Helmerichs
Isabelle Olesen
Johanna Parker


Supporting interpreters and the interpreting profession has been part of ATA's mission since the Association was founded in 1959. The purpose of the Interpretation Profession Advisory Committee is informing and advising the Board of Directors on initiatives, issues, changes, and potential outreach activities relevant to the interpreting profession, as well as collaborating with other ATA Committees and Divisions.

The Committee is asked to do the following:

  • advise the ATA Board of Directors on internal and external initiatives to both increase and sustain interpreter membership;
  • consult with other interpreting organizations on interpreting-related issues, and inform the Board of pertinent changes to policies, standards, and practices in the profession;
  • work closely with pertinent ATA Committees and Divisions to identify and respond to needs specific to interpreting such as publishing and promoting best practices and protocols for interpreting; and
  • recommend actions supporting ATA’s members to the ATA Board of Directors.