John Milan

Email Chair


Larry Bogoslaw
Nora Diaz
Rony Gao
Judy Jenner
Jessie Liu
Elizabeth (Liz) Herron-Sweet


The language services market is constantly evolving, growing, and adapting to changes in technology and economic forces. ATA and its members are affected by these changes—we need data and analyses to make informed decisions about the industry, the Association, and individual members’ livelihoods. The ATA Strategy Committee was established to systematically track the language services market and analyze or report its findings to the Board of Directors and/or the ATA membership.

The Committee is asked to do the following:

  • gather information on the language services market and related technologies;
  • analyze market data and assess changes that might affect ATA and its members;
  • report its findings to the Board and the members;
  • make recommendations.