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Honors and Awards Committee

Committee Objective

The recognition of excellence in a translator's work by his or her peers is one of the greatest rewards for accomplishment. The Honors and Awards Committee was established to present annual and biennial awards to encourage, honor, and publicize outstanding achievements of professional and student translators.

The Honors and Awards Committee is asked to do the following:
  • coordinate the promotion and solicitation of the Lewis Galantière and Ungar German Translation Awards with ATA Headquarters staff;
  • select award recipients according to the criteria stated for each award;
  • notify the ATA Board of Directors of the Committee's selections; and
  • arrange for the presentation of the awards during ATA's Annual Conference.

To learn more about ATA honors and past award winners, see the Lewis Galantière Award, Ungar German Translation Award, Alexander Gode Medal, and Student Translation Award.

The American Foundation for Translation and Interpretation (AFTI) offers four additional annual awards to translators and interpreters:

AFTI was established to help the translation and interpretation professions in preserving their past history, assisting in their present work, and stimulating future research through grants.

Honors and Awards Committee Members 2019-2020