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Payment Practices

Who can afford to do business with late-paying clients? Don't take that chance. Before you sign a contract or make a bid, check out what other freelancers are saying about the company's payment history. Turn to Payment Practices to find "reliability to pay on time" ratings for more than 12,600 language services companies—real information reported by real-world freelancers just like you.

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Technology Discounts

The Tool Box Journal

Technology changes fast. Keep up and learn how to get more out of your software with The Tool Box Journal, a monthly newsletter of tech updates and techniques. If you are a translator looking for ways to work faster and earn more money, this is the one newsletter you have to have. Be sure to identify yourself as an ATA member.

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The Translator's Tool Box Primer

It's not enough to simply have the right tool for the job. You've also got to know how to use it. The Translator's Tool Box Primer is the ultimate how-to guide for any translator using technology. Now in its twelfth edition, this downloadable e-book covers terminology tools, freeware and shareware, computer-assisted translation tools, translation memory management, and more. Author and translator Jost Zetzsche is a well-known expert in translation technology.

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Advanced International Translations Software

  • Translation Office 3000: The business side of your freelance life can quickly overwhelm your organizational skills. Get out of the chaos with Translation Office 3000.
  • Projetex: Project management software for translation agencies. Tracks job assignments, purchase orders, invoices, and quotes in a variety of currencies.
  • AnyCount: Word, character, and line count software. Works in all common file formats.
  • WinLexic: FTP software to access and unpack Microsoft© Glossaries. Allows graphic interface customization to work source and target language entries in user’s preferred view.
  • AnyLexic: Terminology management software. Imports and edits multiple glossaries and dictionaries with advanced search features.
  • ExactSpent: Easy time tracking software. Gives clear picture of all your tasks and time expenses.

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Training and Course Discounts

Gaucha Translations

Gaucha Translations provides online training programs and courses, covering many topics and specializations.

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Training for Translators

Training for Translators helps freelance translators and interpreters thrive—intellectually and financially—through high-quality online professional development.

ATA members save 15% on designated courses.

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