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ATA Member-to-Member Program

ATA Member-to-Member Vendor Discounts


The American Translators Association is committed to providing support to its members in their practice of translation and interpreting. As part of this commitment, the Association has established cooperative relationships with non-member vendors to offer products and services at a discount or other favorable conditions of sale or use. While such services are valuable, they are not specific to the translation and interpreting professions.

Purpose of the Program

In larger professional markets, the number of buyers assures vendors of a profit margin. But in the niche market of translation and interpreting, the number of buyers is limited and profit margins are usually slim. ATA has established Member-to-Member Discounts to get around this market reality and encourage members to develop needed products and services.

Member-provided products and services are not sponsored, endorsed, nor guaranteed by ATA.

  1. VENDOR must be an ATA member.
  2. Products /services offered must be related to the practice of translation and interpreting.
  3. Translation, interpreting, and other similar services cannot be offered through this program.
  4. Member-provided products/services are not sponsored, endorsed, or guaranteed by ATA.
  5. A standard memorandum of agreement must be signed by both ATA and the VENDOR.
  6. ATA reserves the right to terminate the agreement with a 30-day notice.  
  1. Products/services must be of value specific to the practice of translation and interpreting.
  2. Products/services must be made available to all ATA members, without restriction or qualification, at discount or other favorable conditions of sale or use.
  3. VENDOR must ensure that discounts and favorable conditions of sale or use are equal to or of greater value than those offered to non-members.
  4. Products/services offered through this program are subject to review by ATA Headquarters.
  5. VENDOR must report ATA-member usage quarterly or upon request.
  1. VENDOR will receive a 10% discount on advertising in The ATA Chronicle when the products/services specified in the Agreement are being advertised.
  2. Information about VENDOR will be included on the ATA website on a page designed to promote member-vendors.
  3. ATA reserves the right to offer additional incentives commensurate with the range and value of products/services provided to ATA members by the VENDOR.

If you are interested in becoming a member-vendor, please submit a completed application form along with a proposal describing the products/services you would like to offer to ATA members.

The proposal must include the specific discounts or other favorable conditions of sale or use you will make available to ATA members. Only members who meet the requirements of the qualifications and conditions listed above will be considered.

For questions or additional information, please contact ATA Member Services and Project Development Manager Mary David.

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