Meghan McCallum

Meghan McCallum, CT

President-Elect | Two-Year Term
Meghan McCallum, CT

I am honored to be nominated as president-elect. I am confident in what we can accomplish together in the coming years as we focus on progress for our Association, and it would be my privilege to serve as ATA’s president-elect during this time.

I joined ATA in 2010 and have been actively involved ever since. My volunteer roles within ATA include serving as director, chairing the Membership Committee, leading ATA’s School Outreach Program, serving on ATA’s Governance and Communications Committee, and writing for ATA’s client-facing blog, The ATA Compass. I greatly enjoy collaborating with colleagues for the benefit of all ATA members and welcome the opportunity to continue this service as your president-elect.

I have served on ATA’s Board of Directors since 2018. Over these past five years, we have navigated changes both inside and outside the organization. We have adapted our programs and resources to new realities, emerging technologies, and the evolving landscape of our professions. Through our collaboration with ATA Headquarters staff and our Association’s many incredible volunteers, ATA’s Board has provided guidance on the Annual Conference, educational programs and resources, communications with our members, advocacy, membership structuring, and more.

As a Board member, I keep an open mind and seek to identify actions we can take to respond to members’ needs and concerns. And with the many collaborations that take place across our organization, I know we have the dedication and energy to make ATA even better. Although change can be challenging, I also see it as an opportunity for us to take stock of who we are and where we want to go in the future. I believe we have implemented many positive changes within ATA in recent years and look forward to continuing this progress.

If elected to serve as president-elect, I will continue to seek opportunities for improvement and encourage input from all members, whether they have just joined our community or are longtime ATA members. From our programs and benefits to advocacy and outreach, we have no shortage of opportunities to support our members, and I look forward to hearing from you about how ATA can better serve you.

As chair of the Membership Committee, I know that diversity is one of ATA’s greatest assets. Our committee strives to provide the best possible experience for all members, as well as actively recruiting and welcoming new members to our Association. In my time leading this committee, we created and conducted a membership survey to better understand who our members are and what benefits are most valuable to you. This information helps us adapt and grow ATA’s programs and resources so we can continue to evolve with your realities.

As president-elect, I will continue looking forward to ATA’s future through ongoing and new opportunities for professional development, networking, and advocacy. I will support diversity in ATA’s membership and leadership and prioritize accessibility of ATA’s benefits and programs to further strengthen our community of language professionals.

Thank you for your consideration.