Honors and Awards: The Alexander Gode Medal

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Honors and Awards: The Alexander Gode Medal

The Alexander Gode Medal, ATA's most prestigious award, is presented to an individual or institution in recognition of outstanding service to the translation and interpreting professions. This award may be given annually.


The individual or institution nominated does not need to be a member of ATA, although a history of constructive relations with ATA and with the language professions in general is desirable. Nominees do not need to be U.S. citizens.

Nominations Criteria

Past recipients of the Gode Medal, and all ATA members, are welcome to submit nominations. (Petitions and letter campaigns are discouraged.)

Nominations should include:

  • Full name and contact information for the nominee and the nominator;
  • A detailed description of the nominee's record of service to the translation and/or interpreting professions.

  • Presentation of the Gode Medal at the Annual Conference
  • Complimentary registration to ATA's 60th Annual Conference in Palm Springs, California.
  • Transportation to and from the Annual Conference
  • Up to four nights' lodging at the Annual Conference hotel

How to Make a Nomination

Please send nominations of the individual or institution you consider worthy of receiving the next Gode Medal to:

Gode Medal Award Committee
American Translators Association
225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 590
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: +1-703-683-6100
Fax: +1-703-683-6122


Recipients of the Alexander Gode Medal

2018   Siegfried Ramler
2017   Georganne Weller
2016   None Awarded
2015   None Awarded
2014   None Awarded
2013   Alan K. Melby
2012   None Awarded
2011   Holly Mikkelson
2010   Glenn Nordin
2009   None Awarded
2008   Peter Krawutschke
2007   None Awarded
2006   Peter Less
2005   None Awarded
2004   None Awarded
2003   None Awarded
2002   Susana Greiss
2001   Christine Durban
2000   Gabe Bokor
1999   S. Edmund Berger
1998   Josephine Thornton
1997   Danica Seleskovitch
1996   Javier Collazo
          William Gladstone
1995   None Awarded
1994   None Awarded
1993   Karl Kummer
1992   Deanna L. Hammond
1991   None Awarded
1990   Benjamin Teague
1989   None Awarded
1988   Marilyn Gaddis Rose
1987   William I. Bertsche
1986   Patricia Newman
1985   Ludmilla Callaham
          Richard Ernst
1984   Charles M. Stern
1983   Françoise Cestac
1982   None Awarded
1981   Georgetown University
          SUNY Binghamton
          Monterey Institute of International Studies
1980   Gregory Rabassa
1979   None Awarded
1978   Royal L. Tinsley, Jr.
1977   Eugene A. Nida
1976   None Awarded
1975   Frederick Ungar
1974   Eliot F. Beach
1973   Jean-Paul Vinay
1972   Lewis Galantière
1971   Lewis Bertrand
1970   Carl V. Bertsche
1969   Henry Fischbach
1968   Pierre-François Caillé
1967   The National Translations Center (University of Texas)
1966   Richard & Clara Winston
1965   Kurt Gingold
1964   Alexander Gode