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Student Translation Award

In 2020, ATA will award a grant-in-aid to a student for a literary or sci-tech translation or translation-related project.

The project, which may be derived from any facet of translation studies, should result in a project with post-grant applicability, such as a publication, a conference presentation, or teaching materials. Computerized materials are ineligible, as are dissertations and theses. Translations must be from a foreign language INTO ENGLISH. Previously untranslated works are preferred.


The award, to be presented at ATA's 61st Annual Conference in Boston, Massachusetts (October 21-24), is open to any graduate or undergraduate student, or group of students, attending an accredited college or university in the U.S. Preference will be given to students who have been or are currently enrolled in translator training programs. Students who have already published translations are ineligible. No individual student may submit more than one entry.


Applicants must complete an entry form and submit a project description not to exceed 500 words. If the project is a translation, the description must present the work in its context and include a substantive statement of the difficulties and innovations involved in the project and the post-competition form the work will take.

The application must be accompanied by a statement of support from the faculty member who is supervising the project. This letter should demonstrate the supervisor’s intimate familiarity with the student’s work and include detailed assessments of the project’s significance and of the student’s growth and development in translation.

If the project involves an actual translation, a translation sample of not less than 400 and not more than 500 words, together with the corresponding source-language text, must accompany the application. The translation sample may consist of two or more separate passages from the same work. For poetry, the number of words must total at least 300.

Deadline: September 7, 2020


$500, a certificate of recognition, and up to $500 toward expenses for attending ATA's 61st Annual Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. One or more certificates may also be awarded to runners-up.

Please send the entry form and application materials to:

Student Translation Award

Walter W. Bacak, Jr., CAE
American Foundation for Translation and Interpretation, Inc.
c/o American Translators Association
225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 590
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: +1-703-683-6100
Fax: +1-703-683-6122

Recipients of the Student Translation Award

2018   Devin Gilbert
2017   Delaney Swink
2013   Christina Lowry
2012   Eyal Sherf
2010   Sarah Puchner
2008   Clinton Pechacek, Heather Outland
2007   T. Alexis Crowell
2006   None Awarded
2005   Karen Elizabeth Rembold
2004   None Awarded
2003   Jennifer Grotz
2002   None Awarded
2001   Aaron Crippen
2000   Jessica Cohen
1999   Jartu Gallashaw Toles
1998   Sonya Eremenco
1997   Ruth Lyon Fuchs
1996   Thomas G. Morgan
1995   None Awarded
1994   Paula Haydar
1993   Hilary Weiss
1992   Dana Loewy
1991   Lisa Sapinkopf
1990   Edwidge Danticat
1989   Denise Guidotti
1988   John Berks
1987   Tracy Tyson
1986   Gabriela Mahn; David Vandenberg
1985   Susan Phillips; Stephanos Stephanides
1984   Julie Iezzi