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Member Opinion: Promoting Inclusion in Translation and Interpreting

By The ATA Chronicle | November 21, 2021

The translation and interpreting industry, like all industries, is not immune to bias based on the deep-seated, preconceived ideas we all carry, many subconsciously. The tense social climate we’re living in today forces us to reassess how inclusive our industry really is and what we can do to change.

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Getting the Most from Your ATA Language Services Directory Profile

By The ATA Chronicle | November 21, 2021

To enable potential clients to make the most effective use of the Language Services Directory, ATA members should strive to keep their profiles up to date. Members should also take advantage of all the directory options that allow an individual to highlight their services.

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Cognitive Debriefing: A Challenging but Rewarding Project

By The ATA Chronicle | November 21, 2021

What is cognitive debriefing and does this area have potential for translators? What skills are required to take advantage of this market niche? A translator shares his experiences working on cognitive debriefing projects, both as a recruiter and interviewer, including tips for success.

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Documenting Terms, Once and For All

August 14, 2012

Technical communication requires translators to find the right words for standardized terms and names of respective fields. If you’ve done the work once, do…

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How to Blog for 1 Million Visitors: Advanced Blogging Techniques for Language Professionals

January 18, 2012

Attend this ATA webinar and become a power blogger! Learn to how to use your blog to market services, network with colleagues, and establish…

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