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By Adam Sachs and Angélica Ramírez
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Are you at a crossroads in your career as a linguist? Are you thinking about postgraduate education in translation? Do you thrive on learning the ins and outs of a craft from experts in the field? These are all questions to consider as you strive to build a stronger professional profile and expertise as a translator.

In this episode, we interview ATA member Angélica Ramírez, a PhD alumna of the University of Alicante's translation and interpreting program. She began translating in the late 1990s and pursued a postgraduate degree early in her career. Listen as she offers insights about how language postgraduate education has evolved in the 21st century and why it was so important for her. She also shares her insights about her experience specializing in audiovisual translation and expands on the type of skills and techniques that are important for working and growing in that area of concentration.

Show Notes

Show Notes:

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