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By Danielle Maxson
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If helping other people is important to your job satisfaction, then medical translation should be at the top of your list of potential specializations. But wait…don’t you have to be a medical professional to enter this field? No, not necessarily, says ATA member and medical translator Danielle Maxson.   Danielle recently sat down with ATA member and podcast host María Baker for Episode 82 of Inside Specialization. Listen in as she explains how her personal story led to a career in medical translation, how she prepared for the change from teacher to interpreter to translator, and where she found the resources to train for the job. You’ll also learn the types of documents that need translation, the typical clients, and the impact of machine translation on this segment of the industry.   BONUS! Danielle explores how back translation became part of her medical translation business—a excellent lesson in making the most of diversification! Be sure to let us know what you think!   Send comments, questions, or requests about this podcast to