Automation Doesn’t Solve Everything

By ATA Compass | June 6, 2016

Six Things You Should Know About Machine Translation Taco Bell’s return to Japan in 2015 was widely anticipated, but the company’s launch of its…

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Certified Translation vs. Certified Translator

By ATA Compass | May 25, 2016

What is a Certified Translation? In the United States a certified translation consists of the following three parts: The source-language (original) text The target-language…

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Hello, World! Quality Website Translation is Your Entry Pass to a Global Market

By ATA Compass | May 1, 2016

What stands between your business and world domination? Language, for one. Whatever your native language is, most of the world doesn’t understand it. So…

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Transcreation: translating and recreating

By ATA Compass | April 20, 2016

Sometimes translating a text isn’t enough: you need more than just a copy of the original text in another language, you need a text…

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Five ways to increase translation quality while keeping costs under control

By ATA Compass | April 1, 2016

Many translation clients wonder how to obtain a high-quality translation within the constraints of a project’s budget. While it’s important to acknowledge that in…

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Ten steps to make your technical translation projects a success

By ATA Compass | March 1, 2016

This article describes ten effective steps technical writers, publishers, or communications managers can take to ensure that translation projects go smoothly and to everyone’…

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What do Translation Buyers and Fourth Graders Have in Common?

By ATA Compass | February 20, 2016

Most translators and interpreters care deeply about the future of their professions and welcome the opportunity to talk to students of any age about…

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What is the difference between translation and interpreting?

By ATA Compass | February 5, 2016

The American Translators Association represents both translators and interpreters; in fact, our tagline is “The voice of interpreters and translators.” Translators and interpreters work…

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Looking for a professional to handle your translation or interpreting job?

By ATA Compass | January 20, 2016

The ATA’s online directory features the profiles of thousands of translators and interpreters. Each listing provides the individual’s language, geographic location, specialties, experience, and…

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How to choose a translation vendor: 9 tips to a successful experience

By ATA Compass | January 5, 2016

The thought of purchasing a new product or service can seem overwhelming at times. If one doesn’t know much about languages, there can be…

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Creative translation solutions: Making the most of your translation budget

By ATA Compass | December 20, 2015

A US-based precious metals investment company was considering investing in a mine in West Africa. However, they were concerned that the mine’s environmental standards…

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Translation as a Tool for Understanding

By ATA Compass | December 2, 2015

Legal firm saves on discovery costs by partnering with translation company We’ve all seen the images on the evening news: federal agents hauling computers…

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