ATA Position Paper on Remote Interpreting

ATA Position Paper on Remote Interpreting

By ATA | August 30, 2021

ATA’s position on Remote Interpreting Remote interpreting is used in place of on-site interpreting whenever qualified interpreters in the languages needed are unavailable or…

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The White House

ATA Urges Administration to Prioritize Evacuation of Afghan Interpreters and Their Families

By ATA | August 24, 2021

The American Translators Association (ATA) has written letters to President Biden and other administration officials urging Congress to immediately prioritize the evacuation of Afghan…

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E63: Inside Specialization – Conference Interpreting

By ATA | August 16, 2021

Here’s your chance to find out what it’s really like to work as a conference interpreter in Episode 63 of The ATA Podcast.

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Language Access in the Courts: How Technology Saved the Day During a Pandemic

By The ATA Chronicle | July 15, 2021

On March 17, 2020, the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara received approval for an emergency order to suspend all non-emergency services—all criminal, civil, family, traffic, small claims, and probate proceedings—until April 3. Little did we know the courthouse would remain closed physically, but operational nonetheless, for more than a year.

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Advocacy in Pennsylvania: Update

By ATA | June 16, 2021

ATA follows up its March 31 letter with this public comment to the recently published changes to the Compensation Schedule for language services in…

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To Be or Not to Be Certified: The Dilemma for Non-Spanish Interpreters

By The ATA Chronicle | May 19, 2021

In an industry where the majority of professionals are freelancers and where subject matter expertise cannot be easily judged by clients or intermediaries, certification…

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Remote Interpreting Position Paper: Call for Comments

By ATA | May 17, 2021

The ATA Board of Directors has released a draft ATA Position Paper on Remote Interpreting. ATA members are invited and encouraged to read the…

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ATA Joins Red-T in Advocating for Interpreters

By ATA | May 3, 2021

ATA has joined Red-T’s international language coalition and Amnesty International to request the urgent relocation of interpreters who assisted American forces in Afghanistan. In…

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Advocacy in Pennsylvania

By ATA | April 27, 2021

When their negotiations with the Administrative Office of the Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) regarding the compensation schedule came to a halt, interpreters organized the Tri-State…

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Language Access in the Spotlight: Meet Yasmin Al-Kashef & Piyawee Ruenjinda

By The Savvy Newcomer | April 13, 2021

As we are all trying to navigate our way through the disruptive changes that have taken place in our lives in the past year,…

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Remote Interpreting (RI): Professional Standards and Self-Care for Interpreters

By The Savvy Newcomer | March 23, 2021

This post originally appeared on ATA TCD News (Newsletter of the Translation Company Division of the American Translators Association), Volume 2 | Issue 7…

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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and the Interpreter

By The ATA Chronicle | March 7, 2021

For my first column of 2021, I would like to share something that may sound strange but helped me get through 2020: autonomous sensory…

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