E53: How ATA’s Socially Distanced School Outreach Works

By ATA | March 1, 2021
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Giovanna Lester Wins 2019–2020 ATA School Outreach Contest

By The ATA Chronicle | November 20, 2020

ATA member and active volunteer Giovanna Lester, a conference interpreter and an ATA-certified Portuguese>English translator based in Miami, Florida, won a free registration to…

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Profile of ATA 2018–2019 School Outreach Contest Winner: Denise Fisher

By The ATA Chronicle | January 16, 2020

When ATA Member Denise Fisher was invited to speak to graduate students in a Japanese interpreting class at the University of Michigan, she had no idea that her experience would eventually lead to a fee registration to ATA’s Annual Conference in Palm Springs.

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School Outreach Winner 2020

2018 School Outreach Contest Winner: Denise Fisher

By ATA | October 5, 2018

ATA Member Denise Fisher, a Japanese<>English interpreter and translator based in Orient, Ohio, is the winner of this year’s School Outreach Contest. She won…

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Kerstin Trimble School Outreach Profile

By ATA | September 24, 2018

Year-long Translation Project with German Language Students I am not only an ATA-certified German-English translator but also a German teacher and was therefore able…

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Marybeth Timmermann School Outreach Profile

By ATA | September 24, 2017

Opening Eyes to Career Opportunities in Translation and Interpreting Working from home as a freelance French>English translator, I live in a small town in…

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2017 School Outreach Contest Winner: Marybeth Timmermann

By ATA | August 26, 2017

Marybeth Timmermann, an ATA-certified French>English translator, is the winner of the 2016–2017 School Outreach Contest. She won a free registration to ATA’s 58th Annual…

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2016 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner: Rika Mitrik

By ATA | September 24, 2016

This year’s ATA School Outreach Contest winner showed her audience how language professionals can save the day! Rika Mitrik, a Japanese<>English interpreter and ATA-certified…

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2015 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner: Molly Yurick

By ATA | September 24, 2015

Molly Yurick, a Spanish>English translator based in Oviedo, Spain, won ATA’s 2015 School Outreach Contest with a photo of her presentation to bilingual students…

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2014 ATA School Outreach Contest Winner: Jenny Stillo

By ATA | September 24, 2014

The 2014 School Outreach Contest winner was Jenny Stillo, a Spanish interpreter and translator based in Crested Butte, Colorado. Jenny took an interactive approach…

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Jenny Stillo School Outreach Profile

By ATA | September 24, 2014

Reaching Out to the Advanced Placement Classroom In May 2014 I visited Crested Butte Community School in Crested Butte, Colorado. The students were high…

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ATA’s School Outreach Program: Understanding the Value of Educating the Public

By ATA | April 1, 2014

By Meghan McCallum As translators and interpreters, we all understand the value of language skills, but it is important for the general public to…

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