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By Meghan Konkol and Molly Yurick
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Schools may be closed, but ATA's School Outreach Program is going strong—in fact, even better! Listen in to Episode 53 of The ATA Podcast as host Matt Bair interviews Meghan Konkol, coordinator of ATA's School Outreach Program, and Molly Yurick, deputy chair of ATA's Public Relations Committee, to find out how the program has adapted to social distancing. Along the way, Meghan and Molly discuss the program's mission and the goal of supporting both members and schools. They also share their own personal experiences and offer tips for both in-person and virtual presentations. Matt talks about his own school outreach experience, and why the approach he took doesn't require a lot of preparation. So, don't miss this podcast to discover how you can share your passion for language with students—and possibly win a free registration to ATA's 62nd Annual Conference in the process.