What Are Translation-Specific Tool Providers and Developers Doing to Assist Translators During COVID-19?

By The ATA Chronicle | May 11, 2020

In light of the current situation, it was suggested that I write something connecting technology with our all-consuming health crisis. None of us can…

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Like Two Porcupines Making Love—VERY CAREFULLY!

By The ATA Chronicle | January 16, 2020

This was likely the best answer (and certainly the cleverest) response I read on a large cork board located in the registration area at…

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Taking Screenshots on a Windows System

By The ATA Chronicle | November 12, 2019

Screenshots are pictures of the complete or partial computer screen, and taking screenshots is often part of a translator’s job description. For instance, you…

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Of Translators and Librarians

By The ATA Chronicle | September 17, 2019

This was the title of a short article I wrote a little more than 10 years ago, in 2008. The point of the article…

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Fake News

By The ATA Chronicle | July 16, 2019

Yes, I hate this buzzword as much as you do, at least as it’s used in the present political climate. But it did capture…

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Using Neural Machine Translation Beyond Post-Editing

By The ATA Chronicle | May 28, 2019

In the past, I’ve conducted a number of back-and-forth email conversations with experts on topics that are interesting and useful to me and, hopefully,…

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Artificial Intelligence and Translation Technology

By The ATA Chronicle | March 8, 2019

I recently asked all the translation technology vendors that came to mind this question: What are the areas in which you see artificial intelligence…

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Wondrous Things at the ATA59 Dictionary Exchange

By The ATA Chronicle | January 11, 2019

Here’s a story that at first glance might not make sense in a technical column, but then maybe that’s exactly where it should be.…

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Augmented Translation

By The ATA Chronicle | November 13, 2018

Common Sense Advisory (CSA, commonsenseadvisory.com) coined the term “augmented translation” some time back, and while I always felt that I understood what it meant,…

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Too Much Data?

By The ATA Chronicle | September 11, 2018

I’ve been pondering a lot about one of the most dramatic changes we’ve seen in the world of translation. And now you say: Yes,…

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DeepL Questions

By The ATA Chronicle | October 31, 2017

When DeepL, the neural machine translation engine (www.deepl.com/translator), was released at the end of August, it took me a few weeks to talk to…

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Translators without Borders and Technology

By The ATA Chronicle | July 17, 2017

Translators without Borders is a nonprofit organization based in the U.S. that “aims to close the language gaps that hinder critical humanitarian and development…

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