What Does “Trans” Mean? Why Does the LGBT Acronym Keep Changing? Why Do I Need to Know this Anyway?

By The ATA Chronicle | February 12, 2023

The terminology of the LGBTQIA+ community is ever evolving and identities are expanding, so we need to keep up with all the changes. Just as we wouldn’t do an assignment on climate change without researching how to say solar panels or wind farms in our language pairs, neither should we neglect to know the correct LGBTQIA+ terminology for when, not if, we encounter it in our professional lives.

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Protect Your Career by Protecting Your Eyes

Protect Your Career by Protecting Your Eyes

By The ATA Chronicle | December 11, 2022

Paying attention to what you’re looking at will improve your life, both personally and professionally. The following was originally published on Next Level: The…

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Balancing Act: Caring for Someone with Dementia While Keeping a Practice Afloat

By The ATA Chronicle | September 18, 2022

My father had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. My mother was in the early stages of an unspecified dementia. And the brilliant plans I had made so I could work from their senior living facility while caring for them during extended visits were crumbling all around me. Being a caregiver and at the same time a self-employed professional is a balancing act. But in the end, it can be a gift.

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Is Coaching Worth the Investment for Freelance Translators?

By The ATA Chronicle | July 31, 2022

Entrepreneurship comes with many inherent challenges, and freelancers tend to face them alone. While there’s a lot you can do on your own, at some point you’ll probably need to look outside yourself for new ideas and solutions. Here’s how hiring a coach can help your T&I business.

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Words Matter, Identity Matters: Translating the Vocabulary of Diversity

By The ATA Chronicle | May 17, 2022

Words matter. Identity matters. For translators who are not members of marginalized communities, the first step is to recognize our own privilege, to acknowledge our own limitations, and to broaden our perspective regarding communities of color, women, and LGBTQ+ persons.

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Dynamic Duos: How Interpreters and Speech-Language Pathologists Collaborate to Serve Children with Disabilities

By The ATA Chronicle | March 22, 2022

Interpreting and speech-language pathology are professions centered in language and communication. So, what happens when these worlds meet? Learn how speech-language pathologists and interpreters in Minnesota have collaborated with the Minnesota Department of Education to develop dynamic training workshops to help language professionals serve linguistically diverse school districts.

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Subtly Sexist Sources: What’s a Woke Translator to Do?

Subtly Sexist Sources: What’s a Woke Translator to Do? 10 Practical Pointers for into-English Translators

By The ATA Chronicle | January 24, 2022

Amidst far-reaching societal change, language is evolving. Unfortunately, not all our clients are keeping pace, and their source texts sometimes smack of sexism in the form of worn-out stereotypes, passé gender roles, and problematic language. Translators should feel empowered to stray from the source when necessary and draw on their expertise to educate their clients. Here are 10 takeaways on incorporating gender-neutral writing into your English translations.

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Member Opinion: Promoting Inclusion in Translation and Interpreting

By The ATA Chronicle | November 21, 2021

The translation and interpreting industry, like all industries, is not immune to bias based on the deep-seated, preconceived ideas we all carry, many subconsciously. The tense social climate we’re living in today forces us to reassess how inclusive our industry really is and what we can do to change.

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Choosing and Building A Specialization

By The ATA Chronicle | September 16, 2021

In our experience, the best way to ensure quality and a sustainable business practice is to specialize. Whether you arrived in the industry with a specialization or are currently working to build one, you’ll find it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Regardless of how you choose a specialization, you must work to build, maintain, and transform your areas of expertise to attract great clients and earn top dollar.

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What’s Cooking: An Introduction to Culinary Translation

By The ATA Chronicle | July 15, 2021

With a greater variety of food and ingredients available and the globalization of food production and distribution, there’s a greater need for documents and labels—and a greater need to translate them.

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A Sense of Hope: Interpreters/Translators Share Their Vaccination Journey

By The ATA Chronicle | May 19, 2021

As the vaccination distribution program kicks into high gear in the U.S., we asked interpreters and translators what getting vaccinated means to them both personally and professionally. We also asked them if the advocacy efforts of translator and interpreter organizations had an impact on their eligibility for early vaccination.

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Translating Humor Is A Serious Business

By The ATA Chronicle | March 7, 2021

Puns, regionalisms, wordplay, and cultural references can make the literal translation of humor a joke in itself, not to mention a seemingly impossible challenge for the translator!

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