2016 ATA Honors and Awards Recipients

By The ATA Chronicle | January 11, 2017

This year’s recipients are…

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Breaking Silence: What Interpreters Need to Know About Victim
 Services Interpreting

By The ATA Chronicle | November 7, 2016

When interpreting for victims of trauma, the greatest gift you can give to the survivor is letting his or her voice be heard. First,…

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Translation in Transition

By The ATA Chronicle | September 8, 2016

An exploration of change in the translation industry presented from three different angles: the technological side of change, the human side of change, and the business side of change.

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SOAP Notes: Getting Down and Dirty with Medical Translation

By The ATA Chronicle | July 21, 2016

Progress notes and patient records are the medical translator’s bread and butter, but this doesn’t prevent even the most experienced medical translators from making mistakes.

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Digital Study and Collaboration: Making the Most of Your Mobile Devices

By The ATA Chronicle | May 18, 2016

The wealth of apps on mobile devices broadens the possibilities for study and practice beyond oral flashcards. Technology, like language, is never static, and…

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The Art of Speaking Boldly

By The ATA Chronicle | March 21, 2016

Learning to be a bold speaker can help you develop your business, whether you are talking to a fellow volunteer at a local event, presenting to your local chamber of commerce, or meeting with a potential client.

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Bilingualism in the Classroom: ATA’s School Outreach in Action

By The ATA Chronicle | January 13, 2016

This year’s ATA School Outreach Contest winner helped promote the value of our profession to a classroom of eager students in Spain.

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Translators without Borders: A Community Translating to Save Lives

By The ATA Chronicle | November 12, 2015

When communication brings aid, translation matters.

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How to Work with Your Local Courts: An Interview

By The ATA Chronicle | September 14, 2015

The story behind a successful language access program and mutual collaboration between an ATA chapter and the First Judicial District Court of Pennsylvania.

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