Profile of ATA 2017–2018 School Outreach Contest Winner: Jessica Sanchez

By The ATA Chronicle | January 11, 2019

When Jessica Sanchez was invited to speak during Career Day at Harrison Elementary School, she decided to surprise students by handing out headsets and giving them a live demonstration of what an interpreter’s work is all about!

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Teaching Localization in the 21st Century: Six Practices That Make a Difference

By The ATA Chronicle | November 13, 2018

As the field of localization evolves, so must the programs that prepare students for the increasing number of opportunities in this exciting field.

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Tips for Networking When You Work from Home

By The ATA Chronicle | September 11, 2018

Let’s be honest. The traditional methods of networking are not effective for everyone all the time. If I’ve learned anything over the years about networking effectively, it’s that you don’t have to know how to work a room to be good (or great!) at networking.

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Translation Scams Reloaded

By The ATA Chronicle | July 18, 2018

Taking steps to safeguard your identity and minimize the risk from scammers is not as difficult as it sounds, but it takes diligence.

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Remote Simultaneous Interpreting: The Upside and Downside

By The ATA Chronicle | May 10, 2018

Remote simultaneous interpreting is relatively new and still needs a lot of enhancement. The good news is that we, as interpreters, can be involved…

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Interview with Ronnie Apter and Mark Herman, Translators and Librettists

By The ATA Chronicle | March 20, 2018

(above) From left: Tenor Brett Sprague as Pedrillo, soprano Sarah Hayashi as Blondchen, tenor Stephen Steffens as Belmonte, and soprano Halley Gilbert as Konstanze, in…

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Stepping Out on Capitol Hill: ATA’s First Advocacy Day in Washington, DC

By The ATA Chronicle | January 15, 2018

ATA’s 58th Annual Conference in Washington, DC was an opportunity too good to pass up! It was the right time and place for ATA’s first Translation and Interpreting Advocacy Day.

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Marybeth Timmermann Wins 2016–2017 ATA School Outreach Contest

By The ATA Chronicle | November 9, 2017

Marybeth Timmermann, an ATA-certified French>English translator based in Greenville, Illinois, won a free registration to ATA’s 58th Annual Conference in Washington, DC (October 25–28)…

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Bridging the Language Gap at TEDxNIU

By The ATA Chronicle | September 11, 2017

I was invited to speak at the TEDxNIU Annual Conference at Northern Illinois University on April 22, 2017. There were more than 200 attendees…

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Project-Based Internships 
Bring Return on Investment

By The ATA Chronicle | July 17, 2017

How can project-based internships add value for an organization? Here’s one language services provider’s approach to designing a mutually beneficial project-based program that includes well-established goals, training, evaluation, and feedback.

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Unraveling Translation Service Contracts

By The ATA Chronicle | May 1, 2017

If translation is such a specialized professional service, where so much is at stake for the end client, why are so many translators operating without the protection of a solid contract?

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How to Deal with Questions During a Translation Project

By The ATA Chronicle | March 21, 2017

What can translators do to ensure a project goes smoothly from start to finish? Well, one of the best and most straightforward things you can do is to ask the client some questions.

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