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By Andie Ho, Dolores Guiñazú
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Without a mentor, how do you expect to change and grow as a professional? That's where ATA's Mastermind Program comes in! Translators and interpreters often go into business understanding that finding and retaining clients will be hard work. What many fail to see, however, is the difficulty in running a business alone and not always knowing what to do next. ATA’s Mastermind Program offers peer-based mentoring designed to help you learn and develop professionally by working together in small groups to share knowledge on specific topics and work collaboratively to achieve your learning goals.

In this episode of the ATA Podcast, co-host Andie Ho interviews Dolores R. Guiñazú, a two-time participant in the Mastermind Program. Dolores details her experience in the program, the professional and networking benefits she’s acquired, and why ATA members should apply. As a free resource for ATA members, this episode has all the reasons why you should consider applying to be a mastermind!

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