E100: ATA’s Mastermind Program: An Inside Look

By Trenton Morgan | February 15, 2024

In this episode of the ATA Podcast, co-host Andie Ho interviews Dolores R. Guiñazú on her experiences in the ATA Mastermind Program, the professional and networking benefits she’s acquired, and why ATA members should apply!

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A soccer ball sitting on an empty field within a stadium.

E99: Inside Specialization – Sports Interpreting

By Trenton Morgan | January 31, 2024

This Inside Specialization interview brings you Anabella Tidona as she details how she got into the exciting field of sports interpreting!

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E98: ATA Membership and You

By Trenton Morgan | December 27, 2023

Join ATA Podcast co-host Andie Ho as she interviews Tony Guerra, chair of the ATA Membership Committee, about all the benefits that can come from ATA membership!

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E94: How ATA Can Benefit Your Career

By Trenton Morgan | September 29, 2023

In this special episode for ITD 2023, listen to find out how professional associations can have a significant impact on early career success.

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Woman standing in graduation attire facing colleagues.

E92: Inside Specialization – Audiovisual Translation with a PhD

By Trenton Morgan | September 18, 2023

Listen as ATA member Angélica Ramírez offers insights about how language postgraduate education has evolved in the 21st century and audiovisual specialization.

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Food and wine bottle laid out on a surface

E90: Inside Specialization – Food and Wine Translation

By Trenton Morgan | August 16, 2023

In this episode, we interview ATA member and food and wine translator Adam Sachs about the ins and outs of culinary translation.

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E85: ATA Certification Exam: What You Need to Succeed

By Trenton Morgan | May 4, 2023

Learn insights into the practice test, what you should do with the results, and a long list of ways to prepare for the exam.

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Tranlating and Interpreting the Future

Translating and Interpreting the Future

By ATA | March 24, 2023

Translating and Interpreting the Future: Empowering Professionals to Innovate and Thrive An ATA Virtual Conference Held May 20, 2023 Online Questions? Contact Adrian Aleckna…

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ATA Mentoring Program

E83: The ATA Mentoring Program

By ATA | March 1, 2023

How can ATA help you improve your business practices, grow your income, and market to direct clients? It’s called the ATA Mentoring Program and it’s a fantastic benefit of your ATA membership!

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E82: Inside Specialization - Medical Translation

E82: Inside Specialization – Medical Translation

By ATA | February 15, 2023

Join podcast host María Baker and guest Danielle Maxson as they take a look inside the specialization of medical translation.

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Should You Start a Translation Agency

Should You Start a Translation Agency?

By Next Level | February 15, 2023

You have been freelancing as a translator for a few years now, and you have settled into a good rhythm. You have some steady…

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Terminology Management: What You Should Know

By The ATA Chronicle | February 12, 2023

Terminology management is the process of identifying, storing, and managing customer, company, or product-specific terminology that needs to be translated in a definitive way.…

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