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By Meghan Konkol and Corinne McKay
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In the second episode of Inside Specialization, host Veronika Demichelis interviews ATA Past President Corinne McKay and current ATA Director Meghan Konkol about translating in the international development market. You'll learn that it's not all the pro bono work you might have thought it was—in fact, just the opposite.

You'll also hear about the types of translation work you can expect, the interesting cultural challenges, the somewhat lower barriers to entering the sector, and the many subspecialties within the field that let you find your passion.

Bonus! Both Meghan and Corinne have tips for beginners and experienced translators who want to get into international development translation.

What is Inside Specialization?
Inside Specialization is a new feature of The ATA Podcast that focuses on specialization and diversification. Each episode will tackle the what, why, and how of a particular specialty. You'll learn about the actual work from translators and interpreters in the field as well as the skills needed, the pros and cons of the job, and the types of clients you'd be working for. There will be loads of personal stories and recommendations for getting started. This series is an adventure you don't want to miss!

Show Notes

Audio Production: Derek Platts.